Adverbs of Frequency [English Grammar] 1

Adverbs of Frequency [English Grammar]

Adverbs of Frequency

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An adverb of frequency tells us how often something takes place. We often place adverbs of frequency in these positions.

At the beginning of the sentenceOccasionally, often, sometimes, usually, always, …
Always wash your hands before the meal!
Often he walked.
Sometimes I go skating.
At the end of the sentenceFrequently, occasionally, sometimes, often, …
We read books occasionally.
They like to watch TV often.
We go to school by bike sometimes.
Between the subject and the main verbAlways, often, usually, seldom, rarely, never, …
Do you often go to the cinema?
I sometimes watch Chinese films.
She never eats vegetables.
I always read comic books.
They rarely watch music channels.
Immediately after the verb “to beAlways, often, usually, seldom, rarely, never, …
I am always worried about my study result.
She is usually very happy.
I have never done anything bad.
She is always cooking spaghetti.
You are seldom anxious about my health.

















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Adverbs of Frequency [English Grammar] 2

Adverbs of frequencyExample
100%AlwaysI always wake up at 7 o’clock.
90%UsuallyI usually come home after school.
80%Normally/ GenerallyI normally swim after work.
70%Often/ FrequentlyI often spend Christmas with friends
50%SometimesI sometimes play tennis on the weekend.
30%OccasionallyI occasionally eat Vietnamese food
10%SeldomI seldom go to the library.
5%Rarely / Hardly everI rarely listen to the radio.
0%NeverI never listen to rock music.









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Adverbs of Frequency [English Grammar] 3

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