Commonly Used Preposition Collocations in English 1

Commonly Used Preposition Collocations in English

Learn common Preposition Collocations in English.

1.”Verb + Preposition” Combinations

1.1. Verb + TO

  • Listen to

Example: Little girls like to listen to lullabies at bed time.

  • Speak to

Example: You should speak to the boys about their behaviors

  • Apologize to

Example: Go and apologize your sister for what you said!

  • Belong to

Example: This book belongs to me.

  • Happen to

Example: What happen to you at the party?

  • Turn to

Example: A student who needs money turns to his parents.

  • Talk to

Example: Are you talking to me?

  • Used to

Example: She used to be lonely until she found Mr.Right.

1.2. Verb + FOR

  • Wait for

Example: hey, slow down & wait for her!

  • Look for

Example: Are you looking for this book?

  • Ask for

Example: If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

  • Apply for

Example: I am going to apply for a new job today.

  • Blame for

Example: Why do you always blame me for everything?

  • Care for

Example: the mother is caring for her sick child.

  • Long for

Example: He longs for the days when he used to have a job.

  • Head for

Example: When shopping, he heads straight for the beer shelf.

1.3. Verb + AT

  • Smile at

Example: When she smiles at me, I become dizzy.

  • Stare at

Example:  Don’t stare at me like that!

  • Aim at

Example: Aim at the target if you want to hit it.

  • Look at

Example: Look at me! I’m talking to you!

  • Point at

It is rude to point at people

  • Laugh at

Why do you laugh at me?

1.4. Verb + FROM

  • Recover from

He luckily recovers from a terrible accidence.

  • Borrow from

If you want to run your own business, you could borrow money from the bank.

  • Escape from

Luckily, I escape from a thief.

  • Graduate from

I’ve just graduated from university this year.

 Commonly Used Preposition Collocations in English 2

2. “Adjective + Preposition” Combinations

  • Accused of  

He’s been accused of robbery/murder.

  • Accustomed to

It’ll take time for me to accustom myself to the changes.

  • Addicted to

A lot of people nowadays have become addicted to the internet.

  • Afraid of

Are you afraid of the dark?

  • Allergic to

My dad’s allergic to pop music.

  • Amazed at/by

She was amazed at how calm she felt after the accident.

  • Angry about

I’m really angry about our losses on the stock market!

  • Angry with someone for something

I’m really angry with John for his total lack of responsibility.

  • Annoyed about/with/at 

He’s annoyed with Tim because he told his secret.

  • Anxious about/to

The drought has made farmers anxious about the harvest..

  • Appreciated for

We appreciate the need for immediate action.

  • Ashamed of  

I’m not ashamed of what I did.

  • Associated with/at/by

I don’t want my children associating with drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • Attached to

I don’t attach any importance/significance to these rumors.

  • Aware of

Were you aware of the risks at the time?

  • Awful at

I’m awful at names.

  • Bad at/for

Jack is really bad at keeping his promises.

  • Based on

The film is based on a short story by Thomas Mann.

  • Beneficial to

A stay in the country will be beneficial to his health.

  • Blessed with

You are blessed with many talents.

  • Bored with

You get bored / fed up with doing the same thing every day.

  • Brilliant at

He’s brilliant at football.

  • Busy with

The kids are busy with their homework.

  • Capable of         

You are capable of better work than this.

  • Careful with/to/about/of

Be careful with the glasses.

Be careful to look both ways when you cross the road.

He’s in a really foul temper so be careful (about/of) what you say to him.

  • Careless with

Don’t be careless with your ATM card.

  • Certain about/of

He was quite certain about/of his attacker’s identity.

  • Clever at/about/of/for/with

Fiona is very clever at physics.

My mother is very clever with her hands.

How clever of you to buy chocolate chip cookies – they’re my favorites.

  • Cluttered with

The floor was cluttered with my situation

  • Comfortable with/in

I’m not comfortable with the idea of leaving her on her own.

I don’t feel comfortable in high heels.

Her job is something concerned with computers.

  • Connected with/to

He was connected in some way with that fraud scandal a couple of years back.

First connect the printer to the computer.

  • Conscious of

She’s very conscious of the problems involved.

  • Content with

Not content with stealing my boyfriend, she has turned all my friends against me.

  • Coordinated with

Our program is coordinated with yours

  • Concerned about/for/with/to

I’m a bit concerned about/for your health.

He was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers were leaving…

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