How to Learn English Through Songs and Movies | Interesting Tips 1

How to Learn English Through Songs and Movies | Interesting Tips

How to learn English through songs and movies? While there are many great tools which can help you teach English easier as well as increase the retention of the lessons, the best and most proven techniques by far is Learning English through Songs, games and even movies. Movies are a fun way of teaching English to a student and can really get them involved with the entire concept.

How to Learn English Through Songs and Movies

How Movies and Songs can Teach English

Let’s face it, there are so many movies out there that only come in English and are also very enjoyable to watch. They are really easy to come by as well as being available in a wide variety of possible formats depending on your region. Furthermore, you know how long the movie is so you are able to pick ones that the students will be able to watch the entire thing during one class.

The students will learn English a lot easier when you use movies as a teaching tool. Anyone can remember back when they were in school, those days when the English or grammar teacher would be in a good mood and upon arrival in the classroom that big television or even projector was sitting in the classroom already which only meant one thing; movie time.

Back then when you saw this movie in class, all you saw was something fun to do that was not a class based activity. On be known to you, your teacher had an ulterior motive behind the movie and you may not have realized it then, but it did work. Just like your teacher used this technique on you, you too can now utilize it to teach your students the English language.

Nothing beats movies like White Fang, Old Yeller and many of the other greats that were also works of literary art before they were turned into movies. The compelling story lines and the action one watches in these movies compels you to stay in your seat and pay attention. When it is all said and done, you are in fact teaching the students English without having to actually teach it. Just make sure that you pick a good enough movie that will entrance your students into wanting to see more and more movies.

Then when you combine the movie with a game styled quiz, you can make sure that your students will retain vast amounts of the English language without even knowing that they did.

We all know the impact a song can have on us – we not only start murmuring it, we learn the song by heart after listening a couple of times. Music helps human beings not only remember but retain information for a longer time. You can learn anything easily at a higher speed if you have learned it through music. The same rule applies if you are planning to learn Spanish through music.

Music is a fun and exciting way for one to teach English as a second language. One of the biggest examples of this concept can be seen in various Asian countries who have such a desire to learn English that the karaoke machine was born. There is not a single street corner you could go to in some countries where you will not hear the sounds of one signing in a karaoke machine.

Music and English teaching can be a great addition to the curriculum next to teaching English through games. The whole concept behind it is that music makes learning English more fun and when the student is having fun, they do not see it as learning which in turn results in some amazingly high retention rates.

There is no point in having to constantly re-teach a student the same lesson over and over again when you use music as a teaching aide. If the student is having fun, it just makes the class more interesting and not only will you have fun as well, but your students will be thanking you for teaching them in this manner.

Just like when you were younger and attending preschool or even kindergarten, the use of music to teach you the English language was an important part. Granted you cannot teach an older student the same nursery rhymes and songs that you would teach a young child, but that does not in any way shape or form limit your abilities.

Teaching them by taking songs from the top hit lists, get the lyrics for the song, and when they first come in for class, pass the lyrics out in the form of a poem. Then you will want to tell them, “Class, today we will learn this entire poem!”

Their eyes will get all crossed and the sweat will begin pouring down their foreheads and while they are mumbling the words to themselves and not paying attention, you will be pulling out the radio and playing the song in front of them. They will simply love you for teaching them in this manner and the first moment that they hear the song being played, all of their tensions will ease away into oblivion.

Before you know it the class will be over and they will be able to sing a vast majority of the song you have given them. So much in fact that they will most likely try to learn the rest of the song over the night which makes for a perfect “recital” quiz at the beginning of the next lesson

English Music and Movies Resources

If you decide to learn English through music and movies, you have many options to start with. The internet is sprinkled with tutors ready to teach you English through their music and movie lessons. You can opt for exclusive CD’s containing various English musicals and movies. Alternatively, there are books tied with music CD’s and movies. You can start learning with the CD’s as well as reading the books. These audio and video CD’s contain different types of songs and movies for different levels of learners. Some of the CD’s are available on the net (in the downloadable form) and include the other languages equivalent of the English vocabulary.


You can learn English through Songs and movies. Yes, that’s true. Learning English through the musical and movie route can be great fun and make the learning very fast. As we all know, music and movies can change your mood. They have great effects on the listener and viewer. If it can change your mood, why not then use it to learn a language, especially English? Learning English through this medium can not only be a good idea to start with, but will also make the whole exercise great fun.