HOE Meaning: What Does HOE Mean? 1

HOE Meaning: What Does HOE Mean?

What does HOE mean? Look up the definition of this slang term? This page explains how and when to use the text abbreviation with useful conversation examples and ESL infographic.

HOE Meaning

What Does Hoe Mean?

The word “hoe” is a bit different from other internet slang words and texting phrases because it is not an acronym. While one might think “hoe” is literally a “garden hoe,” or a tool used in farming and planting crops, the meaning here is completely different. One should exercise caution when using this word outside of a very casual environment.

In the modern setting, a “hoe” is someone, generally a woman, who is promiscuous.

That is to say that they have a lot of sexual partners or are not very picky when it comes to who they choose to have sex with. It may also be used for someone who may not actually have sex with a lot of people but give off the vibe of being somewhat trashy, low class, or easy to sleep with. It can also be applied to men as well as women.

Similar Internet Slang Words

Like “hoe,” other words we can use to convey the same meaning are “slut” or “tramp.” There are also other variations on the word such as “MW,” “AW,” “ASW,” and “SLORE.” “MW” means “manwhore.” This is a man who sleeps with a lot of people. “AW” is very similar to “ASW.” “AW” is “attention whore” while “ASW” is “attention-seeking whore.” They both are used to describe someone who is always looking for attention. “SLORE” is a combination of the word “slut” and “whore.”

The word “hoe” comes from the word “whore.” “Whore” literally means a prostitute or someone who provides sexual services as a profession for money. In certain parts of America, the “r” is not pronounced at the end of the word, so they would say the word “whore” as “hoe.” This word was made popular by movies and hip-hop culture where it was often used.

The word is often used by younger people when insulting others online. It can also be used in hip-hop music and in urban slang when talking about sexy or promiscuous women. Again, it isn’t appropriate for the workplace and should only be used with close friends who won’t take offense at the use of this language.

Conversation Examples

Let’s see how this internet slang term is used:

Example 1:

  • Friend 1: The party tonight is gonna be lit. You know what you’re going to wear?
  • Friend 2: I’m not sure. These hoes aren’t hard to impress tho.
  • Friend 1: That’s what you say now, wait until you don’t get any play!

Here we see a brief exchange between two friends. They are getting ready to attend a party in the evening. When Friend 2 is asked if he knows what he is going to wear, he states that he isn’t really concerned because the women at the party are not hard to impress. Here he uses “hoe” to talk about women he perceives as being lower-class and not necessarily easy or promiscuous.

Example 2:

  • Forum User 1: The new swimsuit calendar from Dangerous Debby’s is out. What do you guys think?
  • Forum User 2: Dangerous Debby is so cute. She really does a lot to empower women.
  • Forum User 3: I heard she’s a real hoe. My friend said she got with 4 guys at a party last week.
  • Forum User 2: Don’t go spreading gossip around here! What proof do you have?

This next example shows a discussion on a forum. There is a new swimsuit calendar out for a celebrity. Forum User 3 states that Dangerous Deby is a “hoe” because she was seen hooking up with 4 men at a party the week before. Many times, “hoe” is used in gossip and it’s not always easy to say if the events are true or not.

Hoe Meaning Infographic