FO Meaning: What Does FO Mean? Interesting Text Conversations 1

FO Meaning: What Does FO Mean? Interesting Text Conversations

What does FO mean? Learn the definition, how and when to use this text abbreviation with useful text conversation and ESL printable infographic.

FO Meaning

What Does FO Mean?

“FO” is the short form of “f*** off.”

This phrase can be quite offensive to some and should only be used in the proper setting. “This is used to tell someone to “go away” or “leave someone alone.” It can also be used by a group to mean “get going” or to “leave the current location.”

Similar internet slang words

Another word you can use instead of “FO” is “GTFO.” That means “get the f*** out.” Although it isn’t used strictly in internet slang, the phrase “piss off” generally has the same meaning but is not viewed to be as strong as “FO.” “F*** off” and “piss off” are more commonly used in British English than American English.

This word can be used by anyone to tell someone to go away. Because it contains profanity, it should not be used in a professional setting or with people that you don’t have a close relationship with.

Conversation Examples

Here is this internet slang term in use:

Example 1:

  • Mother: Dane, it’s late. When are you coming home?
  • Dane: IDK, I’m at my mate’s flat, we’re all having a good time.
  • Mother: You know you have school tomorrow right? Did you do your homework?
  • Dane: FO mum! I’ll get to it when I get to it!

Here we see a rather rude exchange between a mother and a rebellious teenager. Dane is at a party on a school night. His mother sends him a text message to see what he is doing. Dane becomes agitated and uses “FO” to tell his mother to leave him alone. This is quite rude and should not be used when addressing one’s parents although some young people with behavior problems may use it with their parents.

Example 2:

  • Friend 1: OMG, I heard something about Sadie.
  • Friend 2: Really? What is it?
  • Friend 1: She’s going to get married to Mike next month.
  • Friend 2: FO! Are you serious?
  • Friend 1: Yeah, I’m totally serious. It’s on.
  • Friend 2: That’s crazy! I hope we get invited.

In this example of a texting exchange between two friends, we see two female friends talking about the relationship of their other friend, Sadie. Friend 1 gives Friend 2 the big news that Sadie will be getting married soon. Friend 2 is surprised by this news and tells Friend 1 to “f*** off!” In this case, it doesn’t mean that Friend 1 should leave her alone or go away, it shows that Friend 2 is really surprised and/or excited by the news.

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Other Meanings

Since “FO” is rather short, it also has a variety of different meanings. For example, in ice hockey, it can mean “face-off.” When talking about friends, it can mean “friendship over.” It can also be used to refer to the game “Fantasy Online” or “Fallout.”

Here is the list of other meanings:

  • Field Office
  • Front Office
  • Formatting Object
  • Foreign Office
  • Face-Off (hockey)
  • Faroe Islands
  • First Order
  • Follow On
  • Foramen Ovale (neurology)
  • Fallout
  • Formula One
  • Fuel Oil
  • Freak Out
  • Far Out
  • Fly-Over
  • Fly Out (Baseball)
  • Field Operations
  • Fantasy Online
  • Flight Operations
  • Furnace Oil
  • Forward Observer
  • Flying Object

FO Meaning Infographic