10 Common Expressions to Say GOODBYE in English
Most Common Phrases to Say Goodbye in English

10 Common Expressions to Say GOODBYE in English

There are many things that you can say in English when you are leaving somebody. Here are top 10 of the most common phrases.

Saying Goodbye in English – Top 10 Expressions


This is the most common phrase that people say. Note: we don’t often say ‘Bye-bye’. This sounds rather childish.


This is a little more formal.

Bye for now!

See you! / See ya!

Be seeing you!

See you soon!

These phrases are quite informal and friendly. They mean that you expect you will see the other person again soon.

I’m off.

This is short and not very polite. You are saying that you are leaving without a farewell greeting.


This one is a little old fashioned but quite informal.

Catch you later!

This phrase is also very informal and says that you expect to see the other person again soon.

Good night!

We only say this phrase from 10 PM onwards (or when you go to sleep, in fact ,or say goodbye for the rest of the day).

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Date: April 15, 2016