STFU Meaning: What Does STFU Mean? 1

STFU Meaning: What Does STFU Mean?

What does STFU mean? In this article, you will learn the definition, how and when to use this text abbreviation with useful conversation examples and ESL infographic in English.

STFU Meaning

What Does STFU Mean?

“STFU” means “shut the fu** up.”

This phrase is definitely one that can cause a lot of drama in communication. Due to the profanity contained within this phrase, it should not be used in professional communication.

Other similar slang terms

Although “STFU” is by far the most commonly used type of acronym for telling others to “shut up” or not to bother someone, there are a few other variations.

First, we have “STHU” which means “shut the hell up.” This one, even though it’s still considered rude, may be safer for work because “hell” is often viewed as not being as forceful as “fu**.”

Next is “STSU.” This version means “shut the sh** up.” Again, this version is a little weaker than “STFU” but it still should not be used in professional settings because it contains profanity.

It is commonly used in social media, texting, messaging, forums, and online gaming. It is used to tell someone to stop talking and is generally taken as a sign that someone doesn’t want to interact with another user anymore because they have become upset or no longer wish to engage with the other party.

Conversation Examples

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

  • Gamer 1: Good game, you really suck tho bro. Go practice some more and next time maybe you’ll have a chance.
  • Gamer 2: Man, STFU, your team carried you.

Our first example of this texting abbreviation shows two gamers talking after a match. The first gamer states that Gamer 2’s skills are lacking and that he needs more practice. Gamer 2 tells Gamer 1 to “STFU” as a sign of displeasure with his assessment.

Example 2:

  • Texter 1: Hey, what’s with all the noise? Can you STFU? My kid is trying to sleep over here.
  • Texter 2: That’s not me. I think it’s Barry, he has been having a lot of friends over lately. Want me to get him to STFU?

This second example shows this internet slang term being used in texting but concerning a problem that is off-line. Texter 1 is being bothered by loud noises. This situation most likely comes about in apartment buildings. She sends a text to her neighbor. By asking the neighbor to “STFU” in this context, she is asking for him to “keep the noise down.” The neighbor states that it wasn’t him making the noise and gives information about who it may be. By offering to get Barry to “STFU,” Texter 2 is offering to get Barry to make less noise.

Other Meanings

  • Southern Tenant Farmers Union
  • Scrawny Two Faced Underling
  • Snap The Farmers Underwear
  • Stealing Turkeys From Uncle
  • Steal The Funky Unicorn
  • Save The Flying Unicorn
  • Stop Tickling Furry Unicorns
  • Super Time Force Ultra
  • Say, Thanks for Understanding
  • Special Task Force Unit

STFU Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say STFU

“Shut The Fu** Up” Synonyms List

  • Keep quiet
  • Keep silence
  • Keep your mouth shut
  • Stop talking
  • Close your mouth
  • Say nothing
  • Hush
  • Belt up
  • Clam up
  • Quite down
  • Pipe down
  • Dry up
  • Fall silent
  • Say no more
  • Shut your face
  • Give it a rest
  • Put a sock in it
  • Shut your gob
  • Cut the cackle
  • Stay quiet
  • Keep your trap shut

Other ways to Say STFU with Examples

Keep quiet

  • I’ll brain you if you don’t keep quiet.

Keep silence

  • keep silence, doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.

Keep your mouth shut

  • You want to be off the record, keep your mouth shut.

Stop talking

  • Stop talking and get on with your work.


  • Hush, now. Try to get to sleep.

Belt up

  • You must belt up before you start to drive.

Clam up

  • A sensitive child is likely just to clam up.

Pipe down

  • Will you please pipe down, you two? I’m trying to read!

Dry up

  • I wish the conversation will dry up.

Fall silent

  • “I have said enough” Tom mumbled, and fell silent.

Say no more

  • I will say no more on these matters, important though they are.

Shut your face

  • Hey, Peter, that girl is hot! – Shut your face!

Give it a rest

  • Give it a rest! You’ve been complaining all day.

Put a sock in it

  • Can’t you put a sock in it? I’m trying to work.

Shut your gob

  • Shut your bob! I’m trying to work.

Cut the cackle

  • Let’s cut the cackle and get down to business.

Stay quiet

  • I did voice my concern about the financial management, but was told to stay quiet.

Keep your trap shut

  • You just need to keep your trap shut.

STFU Meaning: What Does STFU Mean? 2

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