Simple Words vs Formal Words, Which One to Use? [English Vocabulary] 1

Simple Words vs Formal Words, Which One to Use? [English Vocabulary]

Simple words vs formal words, which one to use?

Simple Words vs Formal Words

Do you sometimes find it difficult to choose easy words in your writing or speaking?

Do you want to write or speak in a way that easily understood by the target audience?

Do you want to communicate in a clear and straightforward way?

And in some instances, do you have trouble in choosing a more lengthy and formal word in a standard & formal writing?

So this lesson is for you. The list below contains simple words, phrases and the more lengthy, formal words for which they are recommended as replacements in standard writing.  

To whom it may concern, simple English is known as “Plain English” which is a generic term for communication in English that emphasizes clarity, brevity, and the avoidance of technical language—particularly in relation to official government or business communication. It uses simple, familiar words instead of lengthy, formal words, avoids jargon.

List of Simple Words vs Formal Words

 (The lengthy word is listed first; the simple English alternative follows)
NoLengthy, Formal wordsSimple Words
How to Use?Usually used in standard

and formal writing or speech

Often used in speaking or   business writing
1abundance Enough, plenty, (or specific amount)
2accede to Allow, agree to
3accelerate Speed up
4accentuate Stress
5accommodation Room
6accompany Go with, with
7accomplish Do
8accorded Given
9accordingly Thus, so
10accrue Add, gain
11accurate Right
12acquiesce Agree
13acquire Get
14additional Extra
15address Discuss
16addressees You
17adjacent to Next to
18adjustment Change, alteration
19admissible Allowed, accepted
20advantageous Helpful
21adversely impact on Hurt, set back
22advise Tell
23afford an opportunity Allow, let
24aggregate Total
25alleviate Ease, reduce
26allocate Divide
27along the lines of Like, as in
28alternatively Or
29ameliorate Improve, help
30an absence of No, none
31and particularly Particularly
32and/or Use either “and” or “or.”
33anticipate Expect
34a number of Some
35applicant You
36application Use
37apparent Clear, plain
38apprehend Arrest
39appreciable Many
40appropriate Proper, right
41approximate About
42arrive onboard Arrive
43as a means of To
44ascertain Find out, learn
45as per our telephone conversation of this date As we discussed this afternoon
46as prescribed by In, under
47as far as … is concerned (Omit)
48as toOf, on, with, for, to, by, in, into
49as yet, as of yet Yet
50assist, assistance Help
51at its discretion Can, may
52attain Meet
53attempt Try
54at the present time, at this time, at this point in time, at the moment Now
55attributable to Because
56at your earliest convenience As soon as you can
57authorize Allow, let
58basis, on a (omit)
59be advised (omit)
60because of the fact that because, since
61beg ask
62belated late
63beneficial helpful, useful
64bestow give, award
65by means of by, with
66by reason of because
67by virtue of by, under
68beverage drink
69capability ability
70case of, in the (omit)
71caveat warning
72cease stop
73chauffeur driver
74clearly, obviously (omit)
75close proximity near
76combat environment combat
77combined joint
78commence Begin or start
79completely revoke revoke
80comply with follow
81complete fill in
82comprise form
83conceal hide
84concerning about, on
85consensus, of opinion, consensus, general consensus
86consequently so
87consolidate join, merge
88constitutes is, forms, makes up
89contains has
90convene meet
91corridor hall
92currently (omit), now
93deem believe, think
94delete cut, drop
95demonstrate prove, show
96depart leave, go
97designate choose, name
98desire want, wish
99despite the fact that although
100determine decide, figure, find
101disclose show
102discontinue drop, stop
103disseminate give, issue, pass, send
104does not have lacks
105does not include excludes, omits
106due to the fact that because, since
107during the period, during the time that during, while
108each and every (omit)
109early beginnings beginnings, early days
110each…apiece each
111economical cheap
112effect modifications make changes
113elect chose, pick
114eliminate cut, drop, end
115elucidate explain
116emphasize stress
117employ use
118enclosed please find I have enclosed
119encounter meet
120endeavor try
121enquiry question
122ensure make sure
123entitlement right
124enumerate count
125equally as equally
126equipments equipment
127equitable fair
128equivalent equal
129establish set up, prove, show
130evaluate test, check
131evidenced showed
132evident (omit), clear
133evince show, prove
134excluding except
135exclusively only
136exhibit show
137expedite hurry
138expeditious fast, quick
139expend spend
140expertise ability
141expiration end
142facilitate ease, help
143feasible workable
144females women
145finalize complete, finish
146first(ly), second(ly), third(ly) first, second, third
147first and foremost first
148following after
149for a period of for
150for example,______etc. for example, such as
151forfeit lose, give up
152formulate plan
153for the purpose of, to
154for the reason that, to
155forward send
156frequently often
157function act, role, work
158furnish give, send
159has a duty to must
160has a requirement for needs
161herein, heretofore, herewith, thereof, wherefore, whereinomit
162honest truth truth
163however but, yet
164identical same
165if and when use either word; not both
166immediately at once
167impacted affected,changed
168implement carry out, start
169in accordance with by, under
170in addition also, besides, too
171in all likelihood probably
172in an effort to to
173inasmuch since
174in a timely manner on time, promptly
175in between between
176inception start
177in connection with with, about
178incumbent upon must
179indicate say, state, or show
180indication sign
181individual person
182in excess of more than
183in favor of for
184initial first
185initiate start
186in lieu of instead
187in light of the fact that because
188in many cases often
189in order that for, so
190in order to to
191inquire person
192in regard(s) to about, concerning, on
193in relation to about, with, to
194in some instances sometimes
195inside of inside
196institute legal proceedings against, bring action against sue
197inter alia (omit)or use “among others”
198interface meet, work with
199interpose no objection don’t object
200in the amount of for
201in the case of when
202in the event of if
203in the majority of instances usually
204in the nature of like
205in the near future shortly, soon
206in the process of (omit)
207in view of since
208in view of the above so
209irregardless regardless
210is applicable to applies to
211is authorized to may
212is in consonance with agrees with, follows
213is responsible for (omit) handles
214it appears seems
215it is (omit)
216it is essential must, need to
217it is requested please, we request, I request
218it is important to add that, in this regard it is of significance that, it may be recalled that, it is interesting to point out that (omit)
219liaison discussion
220last will and testament will
221magnitude size
222maintain keep, support
223majority most (except for voting)
224make a mockery of (omit)
225make an attempt, make an effort try
226make reference to refer
227maximum greatest, largest, most
228mental attitude attitude
229merge together merge
230methodology method
231minimize decrease
232minimum least, smallest
233modify change
234monitor check, watch
235month + of + year March 2013
236moreover what’s more
237multiple many
238nature, of a (omit)
239necessitate cause, need
240nevertheless still, besides, even so
241notify let know, tell
242not able unable
243not accept reject
244not certain uncertain
245not unlike similar, alike
246not many few
247not often seldom, rarely
248not the same different
249not…unless, not…except only if
250not…until only when
251not later than 10 May by 10 May, before 11 May
252notwithstanding in spite of, still
253now comes (omit)
254null and void use either “null” or “void”
255numerous many
256objective aim, goal
257obligate bind, compel
258observe see on a _________basis (omit)
259obtain get
260off of off
261on request if you ask
262on the basis of by, from
263on the contrary but, so
264on the grounds that (omit)
265on the other hand (omit); but, so
266on the part of by
267operate run, use, work
268optimum best, greatest, most
269option choice, way
270orientate orient
271outside of outside
272oversight [v] oversee
273owing to the fact that because, since
274parameters limits (except in mathematical and computer-programming uses)
275participate take part
276particulars details
277pass away die
278per annum a year
279perchance perhaps
280perform do
281permit let
282pertaining to about, of, on
283perspire sweat
284peruse read
285PIN number PIN
286place put
287portion part
288possess have, own
289point in time, particular point in time time, point, now, moment
290potentiality potential
291practicable practical
292preclude prevent
293preowned used
294preliminary to, previous to, previously, prior   to before
295preparatory to to prepare for
296prioritize rank; set or make priorities
297proceed do, go ahead, try
298procure (omit)
299proficiency skill
300promulgate issue, publish
301provide give, offer, say
302provided that if
303provide guidance for guide
304purchase buy
305pursuant to by, following, per, under; in response to, in carrying out, as required by
306question as to whether, question of whether question whether
307quite puzzling baffling
308reason … is because because
309refer back refer
310reflect say, show
311regard as being regard as
312regarding about, of, on
313relative to about, on
314relocate move
315remain stay
316remainder rest
317remuneration pay, payment
318render give, make
319represents is
320request ask
321require must, need
322requirement need, rule
323reside, residence live, house
324respectively (omit)
325retain keep
326retire go to bed
327said, some, such, same the, this, that
328selection choice
329set forth in in
330shall must
331should you wish if you want
332similar to like
333solicit ask for, request
334state-of-the-art latest
335strategize plan
336subject the, this, your
337submit give, send
338substantial large, much
339successfully complete complete, pass
340sufficient enough
341take action to (omit)
342terminate end, stop
343than was formerly the case now
344the month of (omit)
345there are (omit)
346therefore thus, so
347therein there
348there is (omit)
349the undersigned I
350the use of (omit)
351this activity, command us, we
352timely prompt
353time period (either one)
354to be violative of violate
355took advantage of preyed
356to wit (omit)
357transmit send
358type (omit)
359under the provisions of under
360until such time as until
361utilize, utilization use
362validate confirm
363variation change[95]
364various different “various” or “different”
365very (omit)
366very angry enraged
367viable practical, workable
368warrant call for, permit
369we are in receipt of we’ve received
370whereas because, since
371whether or not whether
372whosoever, whomsoever whoever, whomever
373with a view to by, from
374with reference to, with regard to about
375with respect to on, about
376with the exception of except for
377with the minimum of delay quickly (or say when)
378witnessed saw
379you are requested please
380your attention is drawn please see, please note
381your office you
382/ (slash) and, or

Simple Words vs Formal Words, Which One to Use? [English Vocabulary] 2

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