Shadman Meaning: What Does the Trendy Slang Term 'Shadman' Mean? 1

Shadman Meaning: What Does the Trendy Slang Term ‘Shadman’ Mean?

You will only hear the slang term “shadman” if you travel in certain circles on the internet. However, if you happened across this phrase by accident and were wondering what it means, then you are in luck because you arrived at the right page.

Here you can find the meaning of this phrase, the origin of it, some optional meanings if there are any that exist, and see this term used in some example conversations in the proper context. You will also discover some alternate words or phrases that you may use to replace the use of the slang term “shadman” in conversation and online communication.

Shadman Meaning

What Does Shadman Mean?

The slang term “shadman” is used as an expression of disgust to a particular set of web-based comics drawn by the Swedish artist Shaddai Prejean. His art often features anime or manga characters engaged in sexually explicit acts. This type of anime is known as hentai. He has also been known to feature realistic artwork which depicts young males and females engaged in the same type of acts.

Origin of Shadman

The origin of the term “shadman” comes from this Swedish artist that posts his artwork to the social media site 4chan. His handle or screen name on the site is Shadbase. Users who find his artwork to be a bit over the top and disgusting will see his work and simply comment “shadman” to show their disgust.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other meanings known for the term “shadman.”

Example Conversations

A text discussion between two friends.

  • Friend 1: (sends Shadbase picture)
  • Friend 2: Ugh! Shadman! Don’t send me that kind of stuff. It grosses me out!

An online discussion between two anime forum users.

  • User 1: (posts a picture) Is anyone else disgusted by this picture or is it just me?
  • User 2: Shadman! A lot of people are opposed to his work and think it is disgusting. It must have a niche somewhere though or he wouldn’t keep producing it. If you don’t like it then stop posting it.

Alternatives to “Shadman”

There are many words and phrases that you could use as an alternative for the meaning of this term, but it would no longer reflect disgust that is aimed directly at this artist and the type of art he produces. However, some of the alternative words you could use more vaguely include:

  • disgusting
  • gross
  • sickening

Shadman Meaning Infographic


Shadman Meaning: What Does the Trendy Slang Term 'Shadman' Mean? 2

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