Learn Useful Expressions in English 1

Learn Useful Expressions in English

Different ways to say “you seem familiar”, “I’m hungry”, “She is talented”,  “It’s easy”, and “You are so smart”, “You Are Beautiful!”

Other ways to say: “You seem familiar”

1. I know you from somewhere

2. Is this the first time we’ve met?

3. I’m sure I’ve seen you before

4. Where do I know you from?

5. Do I know you from somewhere?

6. You look like someone I know

7. Have we met before?

8. I’m sure we’ve met previously

Learn Useful Expressions in English 2

Other ways to say: “I’m hungry”

1. I’m freaking hungry!

2. I need food!

3. I’m starving!

4. I’m famished!

5. My stomach is growling.

6. I’m so hungry I could eat a scabby horse!

7. My tummy is talking to me.

8. My stomach feels like my throat’s been cut

Learn Useful Expressions in English 3

Other ways to say: “It’s easy”

1. It’s a doddle.

2. Easy peasy.

3. It’s a cinch.

4. There’s nothing to it.

5. Anyone can do it.

6. It’s childsplay.

7. It’s a walk in the park.

Learn Useful Expressions in English 4

Other ways to say: “She is talented”

1. She was born to…

2. She’s a natural.

3. She could do it in her sleep.

4. She knows it inside out.

5. She knows … like the back of her hand.

6. She’s a walking encyclopedia of…

7. She’s in a class of her own.

8. She’s the best in the business.

Learn Useful Expressions in English 5

Other ways to say: “You’re So Smart”

1. You have really improved on…

2. That must have been a hard choice to make. You have a lot of integrity.

3. What a creative solution to that problem!

4. You work very well with your classmates.

5. What a great friend you are!

6. Wow, that was brave. Your willingness to take a risk there really paid off.

7. You tried really hard on that.

8. You are one of the most reflective learners I know.

9. You never gave up, even when it was hard.

10. You have such a positive attitude.

Learn Useful Expressions in English 6

Other ways to say: “You Are Beautiful!”

1. You look gorgeous!

2. You look as pretty as always!

3. You look drop dead gorgeous!

4. I think you are very attractive!

5. Wow, you are gorgeous!

6. I think you are stunning!

7. I think you are super cute!

8. You look absolutely fantastic!

9. I love the way you look today!

10. You have looks to die for!

11. You’re beyond gorgeous!

12. You look hot!

Learn Useful Expressions in English 7


Learn Useful Expressions in English 8

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