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    08 Tips To Help You Ace Your IELTS Speaking Test

    The speaking test can be a scary conversation for some people who do not feel prepared. When learning English, it is sometimes considered the final test. Because it is a face-to-face conversation, there is more pressure to perform well. In the first part, examiners will ask questions about normal topics, like home, work or studies. The most important thing is to relax and try to be confident in your abilities. If you feel the pressure, then your speech will not seem natural. This list of IELTS Speaking Tips will help you pass your test.

    08 Tips To Help You Ace Your IELTS Speaking Test

    1) Try To Talk A Lot

    By talking a lot, you have more opportunity to prove how well you know the language. Also, it gives you more chances to correct your speech and mistakes, the kind that wouldn’t otherwise come clear even when expressed in writing. The longer you talk, the more you activate the speech centres of your brain. This will, in turn, cause you to remember more of what you have learned as well as process information better. Consider it “getting into the flow” of having a conversation.

    2) Talk Fluently and with Spontaneity

    This is easier said than done, but nonetheless, you must try. Speak like a local, learn slang words and how people talk in music, movies or TV shows. This will make you sound more natural. Try and talk spontaneously, do not overthink what you are going to say, or else you will come across as not knowing the language well. The correct words should flow from your mouth without much thought. When you can do this, you are speaking spontaneously, like a natural born speaker.

    3) Relax… Be Confident!

    Confidence and relaxation are two of the biggest keys to passing the IELTS test. You have spent a long time studying and practising the language, so you should feel more confident. Some people might pretend their examiner is in their underwear, or that they are talking to a friend or family member. By having a relaxed demeanour, you will come across as cool, calm and collected and the examiner will notice this instantly. From this relaxed state comes confidence. Confidence in your ability to speak English will help the words flow better and will allow you to speak more fluently.


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    I really enjoy this video for my listening exercise, thank you. But, sometimes I found the voice goes lower that I couldn’t hear that conversation. Does it come from your file or my audio set? Anyway once more I say thank you very much



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