GILF Meaning: What Does GILF Mean? 1

GILF Meaning: What Does GILF Mean?

What does GILF mean? The following lesson provides the definition and the usage of this internet acronym with ESL infographic and useful texting conversations in English.

GILF Meaning

What Does GILF Mean?

The term “GILF” should be used with caution because some may find the term offensive. “GILF” means “grandmother I’d like to f***.” That means that if someone calls someone else a “GILF,” they are saying that person is an older female they would like to have sex with.

This term is a variation of the word “MILF” which means “mother I’d like to f***.” Since “GILF” uses “grandmother,” it can mean either someone who is literally a grandmother or someone who is older.

Similar Internet Slang Terms

Like “MILF” and “GILF,” there are other variations on this pattern. For example, we have the more specific term “GMILF.” This means “grandmother I’d like to f***.” People also use “DILF.” This means “dad I’d like to f***.”

Aside from “GILF” meaning “grandmother I’d like to f***,” there are a few other meanings than the previously mentioned one. It could mean “grandfather I’d like to f***.” This would refer to an older man that someone would like to have sex with. It can also mean “guy I’d like to f***.” This refers to a male of any age either young or old.

The term “GILF” is most likely to be used by men either discussing pornography, famous women, or the women they see in their everyday life. As mentioned before, this word should not be used in a professional setting because it is offensive and sexual in nature. Someone should not call someone else a “GILF” if they don’t know them. Some may take it as a compliment while others could see it as sexual harassment.

Conversation Examples

Let’s take a look at how people use “GILF” in texting and online conversations:

Example 1:

  • Co-worker 1: Yo man, what’s the situation with the front gate? Is everything good?
  • Co-worker 2: Fantastic bro! I love the seniors day.
  • Co-worker 1: Really? Why?
  • Co-worker 2: Man, nothing but GILFs all day. I’m in heaven.
  • Co-worker 1: Haha, you need a girlfriend man.
  • Co-worker 2: I know, that’s why I’m scoping out the GILFs!

In this texting conversation, we see two co-workers talking with each other. Co-worker 2 is working at the front gate of the facility. Co-worker 1 checks in with him to see how it’s going. Co-worker 2 is quite happy because it’s senior’s day and he can see a lot of older, attractive women which he refers to as “GILFs.” While he is using this term at work, it is a private conversation between two people. If he were to say it out loud so others can hear, it would probably create a problem.

Example 2:

  • Online Dating User 1: Hey boo. I saw your profile and I gotta say you look fine.
  • Online Dating User 2: Thanks, sweetie. I would say the same but you don’t have a picture yet. Got something to hide?
  • Online Dating User 1: No, I just haven’t got around to it yet. So what is a GILF like you doing on here? Nobody has tied you down yet, huh?
  • Online Dating User 2: GILF?!?! I’m not that old, you should be more respectful when you talk to women and maybe you wouldn’t need this site!

This last example shows two people engaged in a conversation on an online dating platform. User 1 starts off by complimenting User 2’s profile pictures. Later, he calls her a “GILF.” While User 1 meant this as a good thing, User 2 took offense to the word because it implies she is older.

GILF Meaning Infographic

GILF Meaning: What Does GILF Mean? 2

GILF Meaning: What Does GILF Mean? 3

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