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    Money spells are ancient. Ever since magick was discovered and refined in the earliest societies, spells to bring financial aid have existed. You can find financial and money spells in the records of the ancient Greeks, the ancient Egyptians, Dominador de Loteria Revisión Dominador de Loteria the Kabbalistic magick of the ancient Israelites, and the European ceremonial traditions. The use of spells to bring wealth and financial assistance is cross cultural and has benefited people of varying religions, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions.

    Everyone uses money spells. There is no one demographic for the type of person who uses a spell to help them financially. Top CEOs, businessmen, and politicians have been known to use spells to help them achieve the success they retain! Similarly, your average Joe has been using spells to help end debt, achieve job security, and get promotions! Gamblers and lottery players use spells all the time – most people who win typically have had some sort of magick to give their luck a hand at one point or another.

    Money spells are not harmful. There is nothing inherently negative or evil about a spell designed to bring money. To the contrary – if you intend to use the money in a constructive fashion, it will actually benefit your karma to use a money spell! Spells help redirect energies where they belong, and if you’re in debt or need a bit of a financial boost then a money spell is definitely for you. You should have no worries or fears when using spells to get money.


    Money spells work. They really, really work! It’s not uncommon for people to clear up all of their debt, get promoted quickly, move on to better jobs, win lotteries, or come across large sums of money after using money spells. Because money spells are so straightforward, the type of energies that are manifested and directed toward the target work quickly and powerfully. This makes money spells the archetypal, extreme examples of successful spells you often read about.

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