FML Meaning: What Does FML Mean? Interesting Text Conversations 1

FML Meaning: What Does FML Mean? Interesting Text Conversations

What does FML mean? If you are looking for the meaning of the text abbreviation, you should read the following article. You will learn when to use this internet slang term with useful conversation examples and ESL infographic in English.

FML Meaning

What Does FML Mean?

“FML” means “f*** my life.”

It can be used for many frustrating situations. In texting and internet use, “FML” means “f*** my life.” This is used to show displeasure or despair with regards to one’s current situation.

Similar internet slang words

There are a few phrases that are similar to “FML.” For example, we can use “MLIA,” “FOL,” “SMF,” or “FYL.” “MLIA” means “my life is average.” When someone uses this phrase, it means that their current quality of life is not bad or great, just average. “FOL” is the plural form of “FML” and means “f*** our lives.” This can be used in a small or large group. We also have “FYL” which means “f*** your life.” This can be used to empathize with someone else or antagonize them. Last, the acronym “SMF” means “so much fun.” While this may seem like a positive phrase, it is often used sarcastically to have the opposite meaning.

It appears as though the usage of “FML” became more common after the movie entitled “Just Go With It” debuted in the movie theaters across the world. In this film, the actor, Adam Sandler, used “FML” in a Facebook status update. While this is not necessarily the origin of this online slang word, it certainly increased its popularity.

This phrase is used mostly by people when sharing a social media status update or texting others with a story about their situation.

Conversation Examples

Here are some examples in everyday situations:

Example 1:

  • Texter 1: Wow! So I heard your brother is getting married. Congratulations! Are you excited?
  • Texter 2: I sure am. But there’s a problem.
  • Texter 1: What is it?
  • Texter 2: Well you know I have a new girlfriend, right?
  • Texter 1: Yeah, so what?
  • Texter 2: Well, my brother’s fiance invited my ex-girlfriend because they were close. Now she’s gonna be there with me and my new girlfriend.
  • Texter 1: Damn! For real?
  • Texter 2: Yeah, man. I’m just like FML.

This is an example of a story told over multiple messages that ends in FML. The conversation about the wedding for Texter 2’s brother involves some difficult relationship dynamics because the bride is friends with Texter 2’s ex-girlfriend. To demonstrate his current feelings towards his situation, he uses this internet slang term at the end of the story.

Example 2:

  • Student 1: Finals are coming. I don’t think I’m ready.
  • Student 2: Sure you are. What’s the problem?
  • Student 1: I have two finals on the same day. FML. I’ll never have enough time to study and get my research paper done.
  • Studnet 2: FOL, I’m in the same boat!

In this exchange between two university students, we see that finals are quickly approaching and they are struggling to keep up with the workload of studying for a test and getting their papers done. Student 1 uses “FML” to show her dissatisfaction with having two tests on the same day. Her friend then uses the plural form “FOL” to show that he too is having difficulties with finals season.

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FML Meaning Infographic

FML Meaning: What Does FML Mean? Interesting Text Conversations 2

FML Meaning: What Does FML Mean? Interesting Text Conversations 3

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