Cuck Meaning: What It Stands for on Social Media (with Useful Conversations) 1

Cuck Meaning: What It Stands for on Social Media (with Useful Conversations)

“Cuck” is a slang abbreviation that is used mostly online in very specific situations. You may have seen this abbreviation before or not, it highly depends on the people that you associate with online. Regardless of whether you have seen it before or are just curious about the term, you have arrived in the correct spot.

Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the story about its origin if there is information available. You will also find other meaning if any exist and see the term used in proper context to help you understand its meaning further. Lastly, you will see some words or phrases that you can use as a substitution for this term to relay the same meaning.

Cuck Meaning

What Does Cuck Mean?

The abbreviated term “cuck” is a shortened variation of the word “cuckolded.” The word “cuckolded” is defined as a man who is presumed weak because he allows his Caucasian wife to sleep with other men, especially African-American men.

However, the abbreviated variation “cuck” has a different meaning. The abbreviated version of the word implies that white males who are not completely on board with the ideas of White Supremacy are weak-minded and do not properly represent the views of the GOP.

Origin of Cuck

The origin of the abbreviation “cuck” is recent. The term began being used in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and was used to describe Jeb Bush who was also making a run for presidency representing the Republican party. However, his views about certain subjects were said to not fit the views of White Supremacy and in turn, he was called a “cuck” or a “cuckservative.”

“Cuckservative” is a slang term used to represent someone who is “cuckolded” and a “conservative.” All in all, Jeb Bush was considered a weak candidate for the presidency and the term was used as a racial slur to further undermine his views.

Other Meanings

There are no other meanings that can be found regarding the slang abbreviation “cuck.”

Example Conversations

A text messaging conversation between two friends:

  • Friend 1: Who are you voting for in the upcoming elections?
  • Friend 2: I don’t know. I have not decided yet. Who are you voting for?
  • Friend 1: Oh, you already know. I am voting for Jim all the way to win the Republican candidacy. John is a cuck!

An online conversation between two Facebook users:

  • User 1: Jim all the way!
  • User 2: No way! He is not the person I want to call my President!
  • User 1: He is a better choice to represent the Republican party than all those other cucks!
  • User 2: Well, I would much rather vote for a cuck than a racist bigot!

Alternatives to “Cuck”

There are several words you could use as in substitution for the abbreviated term “cuck” and still convey the same meaning. Some of the alternative words you could use in its place include:

  • weak
  • wimp
  • pansy

Cuck Meaning Infographic


Cuck Meaning: What It Stands for on Social Media (with Useful Conversations) 2

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