Coon Meaning: Definition and Examples of the Slang Term 'Coon' 1

Coon Meaning: Definition and Examples of the Slang Term ‘Coon’

The internet slang term “coon” is an unusual slang word. Not only is it an abbreviated term for the animal raccoon, but it also is a form of ignorance in racial equality used by blacks and whites.

Coon Meaning

What Does Coon Mean?


  1. Abbreviated version for a raccoon- black masked, bushy tail, nocturnal carnivore
  2. Racial slur towards black people or Australian Aborigines
  3. A black man who prefers white women; or doesn’t identify himself with the black race.
  4. Black person who is oblivious or ignorant regarding discriminatory acts by whites


Coons, cooning, cooned

  1. To hunt raccoons
  2. To take without permission (steal)
  3. How a person moves(crawl) over water, such as a creek
  4. A black person performing comical black stereotypes in front of a white audience

Origin of Coon

The common form of the word coon referring to the abbreviated form of raccoon, was initially used in the mid 18th century. The racial slur was used in the 1800’s derived from the Portuguese barracoon and barraca. The latter word was an enclosure where black slaves were held in transit.

Conversation Examples


  1. Did you see that coon digging through the garbage the other night?
  2. I hate going to the southside of town, cuz it’s full of coons!
  3. All I see Johnny date is white girls, he is such a coon, he won’t even look at a sista!
  4. They said that Marvin is a coon cuz he won’t even admit he’s black and acts embarrassed when someone calls him black.
  5. Man, that black officer is such a coon! He don’t see the wrong way those white officers keep pulling over black men and letting the white men get away with stuff!


  1. Did u want to go cooning with me and Billy next weekend?
  2. I seen how all those people cooned all the stuff from the couple that just moved in the neighborhood.
  3. Man, if you coon from me again I am gonna hurt you!
  4. I told Jessie the best way to cross that creek is to coon across it.
  5. Bobby said that Sue had him cooning all across the field, because she said there was a few snakes out there.
  6. I was cooning, when I did my show at the all white country club, talking all ghetto and imitating Chris Tucker!

Other Meanings


  1. Another less common form of the word coon, was used during 1848-1860 as a nickname for the Whig political party. This was in relation to the fact that the raccoon symbolized the Whig party.
  2. Dancing troupe known in Cape Town, South Africa during New Years

Related Terms

  • Coonass- offensive term towards someone of Cajun ethnicity
  • Uncle Rukus- term to describe blacks that feel white people are superior
  • Nigger – ignorant person; used as a racial slur towards black people

Coon Meaning Infographic


Coon Meaning: Definition and Examples of the Slang Term 'Coon' 2

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