CMNF Meaning: What Does CMNF Mean? 1

CMNF Meaning: What Does CMNF Mean?

What does CMNF mean? In this lesson, you will learn the definition and how to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

CMNF Meaning

What Does CMNF Mean?

**Warning: this acronym does refer to sexual behavior. Not recommended for anyone under 18.

“CMNF” stands for “clothed male, naked female”.

This is often a pornography genre and can consist of multiple male partners and one female, or multiple male partners and multiple unclothed female partners. It has been linked to humility and embarrassment genres in porn, such as when a male takes a video of a female getting undressed without her knowledge, or with her consent for personal viewing but not to be released to the public. For this, you would say, “enf”.

This situation can also be reversed to “CFNM” meaning “clothed female, naked male”.

Conversation Examples

Example using “CMNF”

*Warning: Explicit

  • Speaker 1: dude check out this cmnf enf
  • Speaker 2: holy shit did you see how many cms there were
  • Speaker 1: ik thats too much
  • Speaker 2: fr

*”cm” = C (Clothed) + M (Male)

*”ik” = I (I) + K (Know)

*”fr” = F (For) + R (Real)

CMNF Meaning Infographic


CMNF Meaning: What Does CMNF Mean? 2

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