BTFO Meaning: What Does BTFO Mean? 1

BTFO Meaning: What Does BTFO Mean?

What does BTFO mean? What does the abbreviation BTFO stand for? Learn the definition of this internet slang term with conversation examples and ESL infographic.

BTFO Meaning

What Does BTFO Mean?

BTFO” is one of those acronyms that appears to have two different main meanings. This means you’ll have to rely on contextual clues to help you figure out which meaning is being implied. The two main meanings are quite different so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one is meant. For example, the first meaning of “BTFO” is “blown the f*** out”. The second meaning is “back the f*** off”.

The first meaning of “BTFO” is “blown the f*** out”.

BTFO” as “blown the f*** out” is referring to when a sports team gets crushed by their opponents, who were expected to lose. To give you an example, at this very moment, I am watching the Memphis Tigers play Ole Miss. I’m an LSU fan but my youngest son loves Ole Miss, my boyfriend is going for the Tigers.

Everyone swore Ole Miss had this game won before they even started because let’s face it, any team in the SEC is hard to beat. But it’s a shut out game. It’s in the third quarter and Ole Miss has yet to score. Talk about a “BTFO” game. It’s quite sad.

The second meaning is “back the f*** off”.

The first known use of “BTFO” as “blown the f*** out” was by a Blogger in 2001, in reference to a dominating game. It was entered into the Urban Dictionary in 2013.

If you’re talking with someone about a game, it wouldn’t be presumptuous to assume “btfo” means “blown the f*** out”. However, you might also be referring to the other main meaning, “back the f*** off”. It’s not uncommon to see me jumping up and yelling at the players on my TV as if they could actually hear me. I recall numerous games last year when I was yelling at LSU players to back the f*** off when they were responding to aggression from the other team and starting to fight.

It’s all in the surrounding text as to which meaning of “btfo” is being implied. And if you can’t figure it out, wing it. Or just break down and ask, “Which way you meaning that?” If you’re seeing “BTFO” in online gaming, it usually refers to “blown the f*** out” and is similar to “rekt” or “pwned”.

Other Meanings

  • Back the f*** off
  • Bent the f*** out: means overreact
  • Blacked the f*** out: means got way too drunk and doesn’t remember what happened even though they were conscious and active
  • Burnt the f*** out: means you are exhausted
  • Bug the f*** out: means to freak out
  • Bail the f*** out: means to get out of there

Conversation Examples

Conversation examples using two main meanings of “BTFO”

Example using “BTFO” as “blown the f*** out”

  • Me: omg ole miss is getting their asses whooped! wtf?
  • BF: cause Memphis is better. you shoulda known Ole Miss was gonna get btfo
  • Me: uh no. they’re SEC. Memphis ain’t crap. How Ole Miss gonna beat Bama if they can’t even beat the Tigers? ugh.
  • BF: You gonna learn today. Tigers can wipe the floor with any SEC team.
  • Me: boy bye

As you can see from this exchange, I am mighty surprised that Ole Miss is losing, while my boyfriend seems very happy about it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to prove to him that Memphis Tigers can’t beat a good team in the SEC like my LSU Tigers, but we all know who would win. It’s all about the purple and gold.

Since we are discussing the score, it’s obvious that we are using “BTFO” as “blown the f*** out” rather than “back the f*** off”. And in case you aren’t aware, “wtf” means “what the f***”. Like seriously, how can Ole Miss lose so bad? They’re a really good team!

BTFO Meaning Infographic


BTFO Meaning: What Does BTFO Mean? 2

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