AF Meaning: What Does AF Mean? 1

AF Meaning: What Does AF Mean?

What does AF mean? What does the text abbreviation AF stand for? Learn how to use this internet slang word with useful conversation examples and ESL picture.

AF Meaning

What Does AF Mean?

“AF” stands for “as fu**”.

Like, “STFU,” “AF” contains profanity so it should not be used in all settings. “AF” means “as fu**” and is used as a modifier of a statement to show an extreme degree of something. It is rarely ever used on its own.

This phrase is commonly used between friends or casual acquaintances on social media, texting, forums, and messaging platforms. As stated earlier, it should not be used in a professional setting or with someone you don’t know that well. Using profanity in these situations can be considered rude and may create an unfavorable image for the user.

Another meaning for “AF” can be “autofocus” when talking about photography and shooting videos. “AF” can also mean “as foretold.” This is used when talking about fortune telling or certain prophecies.

Conversation Examples

Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

  • Texter 1: Hey. You down to go to the pool today?
  • Texter 2: Hell yeah, I’m down AF. It’s super hot!

Example 1 shows two friends making plans for the day. Texter 1 invites Texter 2 to go to a pool. By replying with, “I’m down,” Texter 2 shows she is very enthusiastic about going to the pool. Since she added “AF” to the end, this increases the enthusiasm even more. If someone were to use “AF” in this type of situation, it means that they will definitely go somewhere or do something.

Example 2:

  • Forum User 1: Did anyone else catch Saturday’s soccer game?
  • Forum User 2: Sure did, it’s already a classic.
  • Forum User 3: Those goalkeepers were crazy AF, that was a low scoring game.

This example shows a conversation between 3 people on an online forum. They are discussing a recent soccer game that took place over the weekend. Everyone seems to be impressed by the quality of the game. Forum User 3 shows that he is very impressed with the goalkeepers’ performance in this match by using the expression, “crazy AF.” Here this means that the goalkeepers have demonstrated a high level of skill in the game.

Other Meanings

  • American Forests
  • Armed Forces
  • Automatic Focus
  • American Forces
  • Amniotic Fluid
  • Audio Frequency
  • Acronym Finder
  • April Fools
  • Auto-Flash
  • Auto-Focus
  • Air Force
  • Affiliate
  • Allied Force

AF Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say AF

AF Synonym List

  • Extremely
  • Exceedingly
  • Remarkably
  • Greatly
  • Really
  • Highly
  • Notably
  • Particularly
  • Considerably
  • Deeply
  • Too
  • Significantly
  • Completely
  • Definitely
  • Extensively
  • Drastically
  • To a large extent
  • A great deal
  • On a grand scale
  • Massively
  • In large part
  • In the extreme
  • Exceptionally
  • Extraordinarily
  • Immensely
  • Tremendously
  • Acutely
  • Outstandingly
  • Supremely

Synonyms for “As F***” with Examples


  • I found his manner extremely unpleasant.


  • The scenery in Switzerland is exceedingly attractive to the tourists from the whole world.


  • The three portraits are remarkably similar.


  • These figures have been greatly exaggerated.


  • He looks scary but he’s really a gentle giant.


  • He is highly rated as a poet.


  • The newspapers are notably biased.


  • I was never a particularly academic child.


  • Ideas on childcare may differ considerably between the parents.


  • I sympathize deeply with his family.


  • It is never too late to mend.


  • Delia’s work has been significantly better this year.


  • My car was completely wrecked in the accident.


  • The team will definitely lose if he doesn’t play.


  • The interior has recently been extensively restored.


  • Their jobs have been drastically upskilled.

To a large extent

  • Its success will depend to a large extent on local attitudes.

A great deal

  • There was a great deal of opposition to the war.

On a grand scale

  • This is a portrayal of malevolence on a grand scale.


  • His new book is massively overwritten.

In large part

  • Success was due in large part to good teamwork.

In the extreme

  • He has been generous in the extreme.


  • We had an exceptionally mild winter last year.


  • I had a terrible head and was extraordinarily drunk.


  • I enjoyed myself at the party immensely.


  • I was tremendously lucky that I didn’t die in the accident.


  • He was acutely aware of the odour of cooking oil.


  • Owen has played outstandingly this season.


  • I consider a supremely beautiful gesture.

AF Meaning: What Does AF Mean? 2

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